The Change in your Pocket

Time is synonym to change.

Every second that ticks away, is in essence different from the previous to the next. Change is an integral part of life, if not life itself. Yet, so many of us are fearful of it. We tend to avoid it as much as possible or act as if it doesn’t really affect us at all. Until it stares you right in the face….

This week a friend mentioned something that stuck with me. I still can’t remember whether it was his own quote or someone else’s well spoken truth…

“One can either cause the wave or ride the wave…”

I don’t think the causing of the wave is necessarily the opposite to riding the wave. I believe we should learn how to do both.
I’ve come to know (from my own life) that fear is the single greatest contributor or common denominator to people avoiding and even fighting change. We can either  initiate change and ultimately be the cause of lasting transformation or be scared of it. 
Faith is the opposite of fear. Both are focused on the unseen, but the difference is that they ready themselves for different outcomes.
 Thus, embracing change is founded in  the ability to embrace all of life’s uncertainties instead of trying to control them. I also think that it comes down to establishing the things in life that are truly considered as certainties. These enable us to ride out the waves of change.
Do you have certainties to draw from in times of change?
Do you tend to respond fearfully or full of faith when change comes around? 
Be as it may, whether you are starting to take initiative in causing change or learning to go with the flow…change is as ordinary as the coins that you carry around in the pocket of your jeans.

Just a thought…


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