Bandera de Mexico

Mexican Flag Meaning:
The stripes on Mexico’s flag are believed to represent the following: the green stripe represents hope; the white represents symbolizes religion; and the red represents independence and the unity of the nation. Mexico’s coat of arms depicts an ancient Aztec legend that tells a tale of God telling a band of wandering Aztec Indians that when they came across an eagle eating a snake while perched on a nopal cactus growing out of a rock surrounded by water, they were to create their home. This spot eventually became Mexico City. This scenario with the eagle eating a snake is depicted on the Mexican coat of arms. –


How interesting is this depiction?

A bunch of wandering people were instructed to be on the lookout for a very specific scenario. [I mean, Mexico probably has a lot of eagles and I know that they have a whole lot of cactuses.]

Yet, to find an eagle whilst it is eating a snake on a certain cactus growing from a rock that is surrounded by water……mmmh that sound very near impossible to me.

Still, if legend is true, they came across such an event and made that place their home.

FACT #1: Mexico City is built on the ruins of an old Aztec city.  Tenochtitlán.

FACT#2: Mexico City is built on a lake and the result is that the city is sinking at a rate of 6-8 inches a year, whilst water is continuously being pumped from the city.

These facts actually indicate that the legend might even be true…

Even though, we can probably come to the conclusion that a home can be made under any and very unlikely circumstances. I use the word “made” because that is how I believe a home is formed.

A house is built, but a home is either made or found.

Our homes are what we make of it. We decide what the qualities are that embodies our place of being, our place of safety – our homes.

What are the qualities or the values that you uphold, which acts as the hands that shape the undefined mould of togetherness into a ‘home sweet home’?





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