Abounding in Bounteousness

How often have you given something to someone and it changed their life?

Maybe it was of your time that you gave. Maybe it was a  kiss, an answer or even a loaf of bread.

Here is an experiment. Make a  list of all the times you received something this week. Then draw up another of all the times that you gave something away. Then place those lists opposite each other and see which one is longest. I’ll bet that in most cases, the one where we are on the receiving end is longer.

Most of the time we tend to enjoy receiving more than giving. Yet, if we could only fathom. If we could only know the meaning we bring to the lives  of other  and the purpose generosity brings to your own.

Giving is noble. 

When we become generous in our time, our deeds and our gifts, we add value. Instead of becoming consumers we can become accumulators. Accumulators of meaning and purpose.

Generosity unlocks ability. It opens up opportunity. It confirms goodwill, establishes sincerity and changes lives.

When was the last time you changed someone’s life by being generous?

Just a thought…

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