Mutiny on the HMS Bounty

Pitcairn Island Flag Meaning:

The Union Jack represents the country’s link to Great Britain. The shield of the island’s coat of arms shows the anchor and bible from HMS Bounty. The anchor represents the nation’s maritime history and the bible represents its Christian heritage and the religious community that evolved from it. The divided shield represents the island (green) rising out of the Pacific Ocean (blue). The wheelbarrow and plant on the shield represent the country’s agriculture and land.

Interesting Pitcairn Island Flag Facts:

There aren’t too many Pitcairn Island flags in the world, as the population of the country is only about 50 people. It’s the least populated country in the world. In 1937 Pitcairn Island had its highest population with 233 people. Pitcairn Island is famous because of the book and films about the Mutiny on the Bounty. The mutineers settled in Pitcairn Island. The wreckage of the ship Bounty can still be seen underwater in Bounty Bay.

The Pitcairn Islands are a group of five islands but only one is inhabited




 noun, plural mu·ti·nies.

1. revolt or rebellion against constituted authority, especially by
 sailors against their officers.
2. rebellion against any authority.
verb (used without object), mu·ti·nied, mu·ti·ny·ing.
3. to commit the offence of mutiny; revolt against authority.

Sometimes I wonder whether the term authority should be listed on the endangered species list.

The story concerning the mutineers that settled in Pitcairn Island, still gets repeated in life today. The characters and the setting might change, but the principle, mutiny, still lives on.

Everywhere you look you’ll find some form of revolt or rebellion against authority. What is strange though, is that few people realise the effect of disobedience or the undermining of authority. In most cases the outcome is destructive, ineffective and unproductive.
Authority should  encourage stability. Leadership should serve, enable and empower.
Who would want to oppose that?
I think one of the reasons that people become mutineers is caused due to bad leadership. (I don’t agree that it should give grounds to any form of rebellion…)
If every person in leadership leads for the well-being and legacy of the ones that follow, maybe they will keep on following.
Let me rephrase  a little. Our privilege and ability to lead should ultimately draw others into a place of strength, self-confidence and self-respect . I purposefully include everyone as befitting a leader, because leadership starts with leading yourself.
Imagine the outcome.




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