You either stand for something or you’ll fall for anything – unknown

How do we stay upright when things go pear-shaped?

I believe it could be determined by either the evidence pertaining to a set of values, or the lack thereof. I think living upright is impossible if you do not have a set of values to live by.

Think of it as a round of golf. It is almost certainly impossible to play through 18 holes without clubs. (To say the least, extremely difficult.)

So, now you have acquired a set of clubs to take you through life. Yet, somewhere along the line you become frustrated because you thought the clubs will do the trick. Life just doesn’t want to stay in the fairways and seems to always end up in the rough

What am I getting at? 

I am saying this. Even though a set of values are integrally part of an upright lifestyle, those values need to be put into practice. Your clubs will only perform as well as you hit them.

Life, #uprightliving, is about obtaining a set of values that you can apply and live by, come what may. We shouldn’t just be able to name them, but rather know them. You really only know the inner workings of something when you’ve used it, or put it into practice.

Values determine priorities and priorities anchor you down in the face of uncertainty and formidable times.

Okay. So know we’ve obtained values and we’ve actually started to put them in practice. Be careful what you value.

Be careful to value ‘things’ above relationships. It is the things in many cases that cause the devaluation of our friendships and the exponential growth of animosity.



noun, plural an·i·mos·i·ties.

a feeling of strong dislike, ill will

or enmity that tends to display itself in action

Be sure that the values you live by gives you maximum return over the longest period. Happiness is found in the temporal stuff. While joy is found in the stuff that outlasts the temporal and remain the longest.
Our values carry great significance when it causes #uprightliving in our own lives and those it touches.
Just a thought…

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