Mountainous Terrain

It’s the tall trees that catches the most wind, but the highest peaks bask in the most sun.

The willingness to endure a lot of wind has a direct impact on whether you’ll bask in the most sun.

I think that many people set out to become a tall tree of sorts. Then somewhere along the way we start catching the wind and the taller we set out to be, the more wind we seem to catch…

Sometimes we become too eager with becoming significant that growing tall gets prioritized over growing deep.

What I mean is, that the ones with the most established roots are the ones that outlast the test of time.

The more influential we want to be, the stronger our character needs to be. That is why I believe the ‘wind’ is so important, it can be seen as the obstacles or the challenges that tests our character. After every new test we should have a clearer perspective on the strength of our inner man, our character.

Those who want to grow in character embraces the timely and untimely obstacles and challenges that life produces.

Even when going deep opposed to growing tall feel like time wasted. It’s about what happens in the unseen that give longevity to what is seen in the end.


I believe that the same can be said about those mountain tops that bask in the sun. From the earliest hours of morning, when the first rays of sunshine creep over the horizon, you’ll see them fall on the peaks of the mountains and hills that surround you. Then when the day is almost over and dusk sets in on the valley, you’ll see those same peaks still basking in the glorious sun.

Yet, if reaching the top of the mountains we set out to climb is the goal to our becoming significant. It would be impossible to accomplish if you’re  unwilling to go through the valley at the foot of the mountain.

Usually there is no view whilst in the valley. Some have predators, some have mosquitoes. Some are just out right  hot and humid! The valleys can become so uncomfortable, that we choose to rather stay out of them. We’d rather be safe and snug in comfort of our own living rooms.

Still, no mountain is conquered, no peak is reached from the comfort of our homes.

Character is formed in those valleys. It is the valleys that strengthen and prepare us for the laborious journey up the steep slopes and dangerous gorges of the mountain.

When trekking though the valley, it may seem mundane, inappropriate and maybe even inopportune. But isn’t it strange that when we reach the mountain top, the pinnacle of significance, the view usually blows our minds….

….even if the view consist of the valleys that now lies far beneath.

Just a thought…

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