Time to Grow Up

My beautiful daughter is almost 11 months old.

When I hold her in my arms and look at her while she falls asleep, I wish she could stay this way forever.  I realise though, that with every new morning she’s turning from my ‘little baby girl” into the woman that will one day aspire to great endeavours.

I know, I know! “She’s only 11 months old…” I understand and embrace the way life goes, concerning the inevitable…which is growing up!

Yet, time waits for no one and seemingly affects everyone.

I’ve heard people say that you become like the five people you spend the most time with. Interesting thought, isn’t it? We imitate those people closest to us and then model what we’ve learned in a way that is unique to who we are individually.

Even though this idea sounds great it confronts me head on. When I look at the flip side I realise something:

I need to live a life worthy of imitating, a life worth modelling.

We either labour to change the world or let the world change us because of our idleness.

Whichever way, the people closest to us, those that we spend the most time with, will emulate whatever we model. (To a certain degree anyway)

Imagine a life dedicated to bring about a lasting  impact on the world in making it a better place. Imagine a life that reaches above and beyond this world, to the one to come and  shows the way there….

Those would be lives worthy of imitating and modelling. These would be examples I would want my daughter to impersonate and reproduce into the lives of others.

It’s probably time to realise that we need to grow up if we want those who are dear to us to be grown-ups as well. (People who take responsibility and ownership to become who they have been purpose to be.)

Just a thought….




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