Rethink Self.

I spoke to a friend tonight.

We were conversing about the fear of failure. I wonder how many people like me and you have to deal with being anxious, doubtful and frustrated that what we aspire to will not succeed.

The thought that we might strike out appears to be ever present. Yet, what lies at the root of this thought is what really causes ordinary people to stay very ordinary…  

Who am I? What have I been destined for?

These two questions are at the tipping point of determining whether we who are very ordinary can accomplish extraordinary things. And it is the inability to answer them that keeps us from endeavouring to bring about something special, unique and significant.


Let’s take a twenty dollar bill for example. You can see who is responsible for determining the value and the purpose of this little piece of paper. In this case “The Federal Reserve Bank”.


The same with us. I don’t believe that that we ourselves, like the twenty dollar bill,  can determine our own value or purpose.

I believe that knowing who you are and what you are purposed for are established by knowing who or what created you.

(…and I don’t mean your mom and dad)

When we figure out this crux, I believe we can overcome the fear of failure .

Whoever or whatever you believe is responsible for you being on this earth will have to tell you who you are and what you are destined for…

….even if you believe that to be ‘nothing’.

Just a thought…



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