Long-Term Plans

Kyrgyzstan Flag Description:
The flag of Kyrgyzstan consists of a red background with a yellow sun in the center, which has 40 rays. Inside the sun is the circular emblem of a ‘yurt’ (or tent roof). which is the traditional tent used by the nomadic Kirghiz people.

Kyrgyzstan Flag Meaning:
The sun represents light, infinite nobility and eternity. The red background is believed to be the color of the national hero Manas the Noble, who united the 40 tribes of Kyrgyzstan, which are represented by the 40 rays emanating from the sun symbol.

– www.worldflags101.com


A long time ago someone tried to explain the concept of eternity to me.

The explanation involves a little bird, a gigantic diamond and goes something like this…

Imagine a diamond (which is the hardest naturally formed substance) the size of Mount Everest. Now imagine a little bird, like your average swallow, flying from Cairo to Cape Town once every year. The reason for this journey is so that it can peck the diamond once and then fly back. When eventually the little bird turns the diamond mountain into the size of a grain of sand, the whole episode could be likened to a small blip on the radar of eternity.

Infinite time, is a long long time!

Do we realise that words like ‘perpetuity‘(synonym for infinity)  stands outside the perimeters of words like ‘fixed‘, ‘defined‘ and ‘constrained‘.

Yet, our lives that fall within these demarcated boundaries of the ‘here and now’ determines how we will experience the boundlessness of eternity.

Like Russell Crowe said in the movie Gladiator, “What we do in this life echoes in eternity.”

That means we should probably take up the responsibility of making long-term plans. We tend to get so stuck in day-to-day living that we lose sight of the effect that it has on the eternity that creeps ever closer.

When you stand back from your routine, what do you see?

Do you have hope for an eternity filled with joy and never-ending goodness? Or does your prospect of a future like that seem bleak?

Some does not even believe that there is something like eternity that awaits us. To that I ask.

What purpose does time serve if not to prepare us for eternity?

 I guess we ought not to be windswept by the gusts of  a humdrum existence.

We should aspire to leave a legacy that inspires those that follow us from finite to infinite, to walk in the light.

In the end it’s the Light that shines from this life into the unknown of eternity that shows us the way to everlasting life.


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