How Strong Are You?

The degree to which we are willing to embrace brokenness, testifies to the level of our strength.

Strength is often measured by what we’re able to accomplish, achieve and produce.

These may be relevant, but I also believe that our strength is really tested in our ability to put ourselves in broken situations or to be broken ourselves. (I’m not trying to say that we go around fracturing ourselves for no good reason. Still I’ve heard stories of people being beaten and broken for a certain cause in order to see it succeed).

This really only makes sense if you have someone or something you look to, that will mend you and restore you to wholeness.

I tend to look at the One who created me, seeing that He knows how I fit together and with that he has the ability to do so .  

I’ve come to understand that the world is generally a place where most things typically become worn, torn, dilapidated or broken. Thus, not only in our personal lives but even when we try to fix broken situations or worn-torn relationships,  we are at risk of becoming used property.

Yet, all accomplishments start somewhere in the rubble on dust level (like an old Mozambican friend would say).

Our strength during these times will a) Determine whether we achieve something or b) Abandon the shattered relationship or the busted situation.

Being sure there is someone or something that will fix us when we’re broken, is really where the source of one’s strength lies.

Who do you turn to? 

Just a thought…


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