The Beat

Hello everyone!!

So in October we in the Every Nation family hosted our first Africa conference.

It was such a blast, to say the least!

I love it when we gather from far and wide to celebrate what the Lord is doing.

The main theme was to hear, unite and move to the beat of God’s heart for Africa and beyond.

We want to see communities, cities and nations transformed and filled with men and woman that are honoring God.

I am SO excited to see the results, for years to come, that will come from this very significant event.

Click on the link below to view a snap shot from the conference.

Every Nation Africa News with Roger Pearce

Next year from the 3-7 October, Cape Town will be hosting the Every Nation World Conference 2016. Be sure to come and be a part of it!!! Watch the space!

Register 2016

Thank you for each and everyone that is committed with me to see lasting change in Africa!


Joe On A Mission

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