One week – Many Students

Good morning everyone! So last night we had our ESTABLISH meeting. We tried to invite and encourage everyone we reached out to join us. The aim was to gather everyone in to Discovery groups (life/connect groups).

When it was time to start the meeting Frans and Debbies home was jam packed!

There were around about 50 students present and we could form 10groups with 4-7 people in a group!

The Lord is AMAZING and His grace is sufficient!

The best though was that there were about 6 or 7 students that volunteered to become the facilitators of their own group of friends! That means 6 or 7 new leaders that we can EQUIP and EMPOWER during the next couple of months!!!

I am really blown away by God’s faithfulness and the fact that within a week we were able to ENGAGE-ESTABLISH-EQUIP and EMPOWER students to see God’s kingdom come in on campus in Nairobi Kenya!

Thank you once again to everyone that has prayed for us during our time here in Kenya.Thank you as well for everyone making it possible for me to be part of the outreach team in the last couple of days.

Kind Regards
Joe on a mission

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