Dare to Believe


“Houston, we have lift off!”

And so the preparations were adequately enforced. Every safety precautions checked and re-checked. All operating procedures applied. The engines ignited. The exhausts exploded with fire, thrusting “Mission2016” into the sky. Gentle and timely jet-propelled thrusts push “Mission2016” further, higher into the atmosphere. Soon “Mission2016” will enter into outer space and commence on its mandate. The instructions are simple. The MO (Modus Operandi), Discover; Pioneer & Transform.

This would be a very accurate story line, if you will, of what 2016 have in store for me. Thus, naturally I “Dare to Believe” that all things are possible in Jesus Christ our Lord.

We kick of with our yearly prayer and fast week. During this week we trust the Lord as a spiritual family to tune us and lead us into all that He has prepared for 2016. As part of the prayer and fast we also run our quarterly ENGAGE week.

This really gets my blood flowing!

During next week we will put out an ENGAGEchallenge once a day, everyday until we end of on the 6th of February. These are designed to help you and me reach out and touch the community around us in a very special way.

Remember the MO – Discover; Pioneer & Transform.

I wish to invite you along on the adventurous journey and experience the joy of adding eternal value to people around you.

I hope to hear all about your daring stories soon!!

Regards and many venturous, daring and fulfilling moments until we meet again.

Joe on a Mission




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