Ask the Lord of the harvest…

Hello everyone

From my previous blog, you will remember that Every Nation Paarl recently endeavored on an ENGAGE week. The goal with these ENGAGE weeks are to quicken our will and want to go and reach out to those who are in desperate need of God’s kindness and grace.

Everyday of the week we put out challenges that could help us ENGAGE the community with greater urgency and intentionality. The result. Well, the ideal outcome would be to create a culture that without us even thinking about it, sends us to the lost and weary as ambassadors of Christ.

We want people to know Jesus as Lord and Savior.

This is our mission. This is the Great Commission.

I have set an alarm on my phone that erupts with bells and whistles at 09:38 and repeats everyday. Why? Well it is all about being intentional. Principles, patterns, habits and culture. Turning doing a bunch of stuff into being someone.

Why 09:38?

Matthew 9:38….read it, set your alarm to it, pray it and participate in it.

This is how we GO. 

Join us in this adventure as we ENGAGE for the glory of God, the advance of His Kingdom and the fulfillment of His people.

Blessings and Regards

Joe on a mission.


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