Proximity = Priority

Hello Everyone

It has been a week and a half since my family and I got our passports stamped at Kenya’s immigration authorities.

We have been living with die Spies family and it has been such a special experience. They have received us with joy and served us with their prayers, generosity and friendship.

We have quickly become part of the local community and I was very surprise at the kindness and genuineness of the families that we met.

We have also had great opportunities to minister to the students that forms part of the Discovery Groups that meet every week. Yesterday I had the privilege of facilitating the meeting. There was prayer and we sang our praises to the Lord. Then we dived into the Word, each having to discover what the Lord wants to communicate to us as a local spiritual family. It was thrilling. We ended of the meeting considering how we would apply what we have learned during the next week.

I am so excited to be here in Nairobi and see what the Lord is busy establishing for His glory.

Lastly and definitely not the least. As we are praying together in the mornings we experience that the Lord is inviting us to pursue Him in a greater measure, with great intensity. The fruit. Well the fruit has been ‘priority’.  What do I mean?

“The greater our proximity, the clearer becomes our priority. The clearer our priority, the greater our proximity.”

Please continue to pray and engage with us whilst our stay in Kenya. This coming weekend we will be hosting a Victory weekend. The goal is to establish people in freedom and victory. We trust for the Lord to touch and minister deeply in every heart.

Thank you for you continued support.

Joe on a mission


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