Beautiful feet

Greetings to everyone

Tonight is the last evening before we return to South Africa. What can I say? It has been an absolute game changer of a visit to the Spies family along with the outreach to Kahawa.
We have built strong lasting relationships and I am very thankful to have met the wonderful young men and woman that forms part of the spiritual family of Every Nation Kenya. We had the privilege to help facilitate a Victory Weekend this passing weekend. WOW!

“When the Son sets you free, you are free indeed.”

I was thrilled by the change we as facilitators could see as we progressed through the weekend. The Holy Spirit ministered with revelation, understanding and insight. The result. People were set free. Some were baptized in water and others were baptized with the Holy Spirit. Glorious!!

“There is nothing more spectacular to witness the effect of the Gospel, when it is received, appreciated and celebrated.”

We have grown close to the leaders that currently spearhead the church plant. Two couples specifically. De Wet and Miemie, who you’ve come to meet through my blog posts (AKA the Spies family). Then there is Martin and Rahab. We spent the weekend at their home and it was an immense blessing! These couples are sold out to the wonderful adventure of what God is busy doing in Kenya…and even East Africa as a whole. Marli and I find ourselves being invigorated and inspired by their faith and faithfulness.

Our stay here in Kenya these last couple of weeks can be described as refreshing, imparting and nothing short of spectacular.

Thank you for everyone that has been praying and supporting us in being here and pursuing what God has in mind for us and Kenya.

Kwaheri na Mungu awabariki
Joe on a Mission


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