When God Calls You Out

Good morning

I trust that all is well and that the purposes of God is being fulfilled in and through your lives. Talking about God’s purposes, I have some very interesting and exciting news.

My family and I am assisting the Every Nation Bloemfontein church for the next three months, starting in June. Pieter Coffee and his wife has taken a well deserved Sabbatical to rest well and enjoy a time of adventure and scenic beauty (..so it seems when I look at their Facebook posts ;->…) So, to my family and I, it is a wonderful privilege to be able to serve in this way. We have become part of the staff and also function on the elder team.

….further more…..??!!!

Marli and I have received the call to become part of our church plant mission in Nairobi, Kenya.

If you can recall, my family and I were on a short term mission to Every Nation Nairobi about 3 months ago.

After returning to South Africa, Marli and I started seeking the Lord’s will for us and Kenya more fervently. As we prayed and conversed about what we felt the Lord was showing us it became clear that there is a definite call to spend our lives in Kenya. We are setting out initially for two years and afterwards the idea would be to reconsider with the Lord what our next steps will be.

So here we are at the brink of a whole new African adventure. The purpose? To see God’s Kingdom come in East Africa as it is in Heaven.


We are trusting the Lord to grow our monthly income as it will be much more expensive to live in Nairobi. Please trust with us, pray with us and for any further information contact us concerning these new and exciting times.

THANK YOU once again for your faithful support in every way!

Love, Grace and Regards

Joe & Family on a mission!



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