A day on Mercury

Hello There Family and Friends

Our time here in Bloemfontein could, to some extent, be likened to one day on Mercury. Nope, not because Mercury is the smallest of all the planets or that Mercury is named after the Roman deity, the messenger to the gods.

Rather that one day on Mercury is equal to approximately 59 days on earth. Which got me thinking what we could accomplish on Mercury, because in Bloem it has truly been 59 days of effective ministry, joyful serving, interesting family dynamics and memorable times with newly made friends.  

We have been thoroughly enriched by the people’s kindness in hosting us and their passion to make Jesus known in Bloemfontein and even the nations they reach out to on a yearly basis.

If we could have 59 days on Mercury like we’ve had in Bloem, I’m sure Mercury would be made inhabitable in no time….

We look forward to continue partnering with and serving the city of Bloemfontein in the next couple of weeks, until our return to Paarl.

We appreciate every prayer and every financial seed that has been sown into our ministry in order for us to be effective ministers of God’s love.

Kind Regards and Many Blessings

Joe (…and his family) on a Mission!!!


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