Read Listen Pursue

Read what is written, listen to what is said and pursue what is discovered…

Yesterday I was having a conversation with a friend about “having an in-depth knowledge of the Bible.”

I realized how many times we seem to read but not realize, hear but not listen and discover but don’t pursue.

If we want to serve God’s purposes in our generation, we need to know what God is saying to us in our generation. No word means no action. What do we pursue if there’s no word to go by. Let’s turn a page and reevaluate the way we’ve been going about spending time in God’s Word.

Three ways that has deepened my understanding and knowledge of the Word:

  1. ME
  2. APPLY
  3. GOD

ME – Say whatever piece of scripture you’ve read, in your own words. Ask yourself what did this mean for the people then (Biblical times and context), then what does it mean to me today? The principle written in biblical times should remain the same as what it means for me today.

APPLY – What in that particular passage of scripture can I apply in my life, my daily walk? Are there specific commands to obey, examples to follow, promises to embrace or warnings to adhere to? Underlining the action words also helps to discover what you can apply.

GOD – Ask yourself what about God’s character, nature or power have I learned from these verses? Remember that the Bible is one big mirror that reflects to us the glory of God. To me that means it is the display of His character, nature and power. You should be discovering something new about God ever time you are reading His word.

Read what is written, listen to what is being said and pursue whatever you discover.




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