Hebrews 11:1


Kenya Church Plant

  • Pray for more discipleship relationships
  • Please thank the Lord with us for the new young and upcoming leaders from campus. Yet, also trust with us that the discipleship momentum we are experiencing now will continue to pick up.
  • Pray for the overall safety of the team & their families in Nairobi

Other Prayer Points

  • Wisdom and grace for raising more partnerships
  • It can take up to six months to really settle into a new country and its rythms. Please pray for us during this time as we find our feet.
  • Please trust with us for the salvation of our neighbours
  • Please pray for our kiddies. They are ajusting well, yet everthing is still very new. We trust that they will soon understand more English.


We are still in need of partners who will support us on a monthly basis with R250 or more. If not on a monthly basis you can partner with one time gifts to cover the expenses listed blow.

  • Monthly budget to be increased by 15%

Please feel free to click here to become part of our BandofBeukes partnership team.

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