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Read Listen Pursue

Read what is written, listen to what is said and pursue what is discovered…

Yesterday I was having a conversation with a friend about “having an in-depth knowledge of the Bible.”

I realized how many times we seem to read but not realize, hear but not listen and discover but don’t pursue.

If we want to serve God’s purposes in our generation, we need to know what God is saying to us in our generation. No word means no action. What do we pursue if there’s no word to go by. Let’s turn a page and reevaluate the way we’ve been going about spending time in God’s Word.

Three ways that has deepened my understanding and knowledge of the Word:

  1. ME
  2. APPLY
  3. GOD

ME – Say whatever piece of scripture you’ve read, in your own words. Ask yourself what did this mean for the people then (Biblical times and context), then what does it mean to me today? The principle written in biblical times should remain the same as what it means for me today.

APPLY – What in that particular passage of scripture can I apply in my life, my daily walk? Are there specific commands to obey, examples to follow, promises to embrace or warnings to adhere to? Underlining the action words also helps to discover what you can apply.

GOD – Ask yourself what about God’s character, nature or power have I learned from these verses? Remember that the Bible is one big mirror that reflects to us the glory of God. To me that means it is the display of His character, nature and power. You should be discovering something new about God ever time you are reading His word.

Read what is written, listen to what is being said and pursue whatever you discover.




It’s About Who You Know…

Many people seem to think that we are moulded by our surroundings, circumstances or opportunities (..and the lack thereof)

To a certain extent I agree with those observations, but I would argue that these are only the tip of the ice berg.

We are formed either through relationships or the lack thereof.

Think about it.

Circumstances alone can only accomplish so much, but a friend or foe within those circumstances usually cause us to act or react in a certain way. I mean, it is probably the relationship (friend or foe) that caused the situation in the first place.

The way in which we act, react or remain passively disengaged can tell us a great deal about the way we have been etched.

I would reason that life and all its ups and downs only set the stage for us to be shaped concerning our motives, values and beliefs. Yet, it is the people that share that stage with us, or their absence that puts the hammer to the chisel.

Who do you spend your time with?

Statistics show that we become like the five people we spend the most time with…

I’ve come to know someone that can’t be formed, but initiates it all the time. (how I came to know him is a discussion for another day)

Still, He is probably the person I spend the most time with out of the five that influences my becoming most.

Our relationships can either define or undermine us.

We are scalped by those who are actively present in our lives and even by those who are not.

Just a thought…




How Strong Are You?

The degree to which we are willing to embrace brokenness, testifies to the level of our strength.

Strength is often measured by what we’re able to accomplish, achieve and produce.

These may be relevant, but I also believe that our strength is really tested in our ability to put ourselves in broken situations or to be broken ourselves. (I’m not trying to say that we go around fracturing ourselves for no good reason. Still I’ve heard stories of people being beaten and broken for a certain cause in order to see it succeed).

This really only makes sense if you have someone or something you look to, that will mend you and restore you to wholeness.

I tend to look at the One who created me, seeing that He knows how I fit together and with that he has the ability to do so .  

I’ve come to understand that the world is generally a place where most things typically become worn, torn, dilapidated or broken. Thus, not only in our personal lives but even when we try to fix broken situations or worn-torn relationships,  we are at risk of becoming used property.

Yet, all accomplishments start somewhere in the rubble on dust level (like an old Mozambican friend would say).

Our strength during these times will a) Determine whether we achieve something or b) Abandon the shattered relationship or the busted situation.

Being sure there is someone or something that will fix us when we’re broken, is really where the source of one’s strength lies.

Who do you turn to? 

Just a thought…

Rethink Self.

I spoke to a friend tonight.

We were conversing about the fear of failure. I wonder how many people like me and you have to deal with being anxious, doubtful and frustrated that what we aspire to will not succeed.

The thought that we might strike out appears to be ever present. Yet, what lies at the root of this thought is what really causes ordinary people to stay very ordinary…  

Who am I? What have I been destined for?

These two questions are at the tipping point of determining whether we who are very ordinary can accomplish extraordinary things. And it is the inability to answer them that keeps us from endeavouring to bring about something special, unique and significant.


Let’s take a twenty dollar bill for example. You can see who is responsible for determining the value and the purpose of this little piece of paper. In this case “The Federal Reserve Bank”.


The same with us. I don’t believe that that we ourselves, like the twenty dollar bill,  can determine our own value or purpose.

I believe that knowing who you are and what you are purposed for are established by knowing who or what created you.

(…and I don’t mean your mom and dad)

When we figure out this crux, I believe we can overcome the fear of failure .

Whoever or whatever you believe is responsible for you being on this earth will have to tell you who you are and what you are destined for…

….even if you believe that to be ‘nothing’.

Just a thought…


Time to Grow Up

My beautiful daughter is almost 11 months old.

When I hold her in my arms and look at her while she falls asleep, I wish she could stay this way forever.  I realise though, that with every new morning she’s turning from my ‘little baby girl” into the woman that will one day aspire to great endeavours.

I know, I know! “She’s only 11 months old…” I understand and embrace the way life goes, concerning the inevitable…which is growing up!

Yet, time waits for no one and seemingly affects everyone.

I’ve heard people say that you become like the five people you spend the most time with. Interesting thought, isn’t it? We imitate those people closest to us and then model what we’ve learned in a way that is unique to who we are individually.

Even though this idea sounds great it confronts me head on. When I look at the flip side I realise something:

I need to live a life worthy of imitating, a life worth modelling.

We either labour to change the world or let the world change us because of our idleness.

Whichever way, the people closest to us, those that we spend the most time with, will emulate whatever we model. (To a certain degree anyway)

Imagine a life dedicated to bring about a lasting  impact on the world in making it a better place. Imagine a life that reaches above and beyond this world, to the one to come and  shows the way there….

Those would be lives worthy of imitating and modelling. These would be examples I would want my daughter to impersonate and reproduce into the lives of others.

It’s probably time to realise that we need to grow up if we want those who are dear to us to be grown-ups as well. (People who take responsibility and ownership to become who they have been purpose to be.)

Just a thought….




Mountainous Terrain

It’s the tall trees that catches the most wind, but the highest peaks bask in the most sun.

The willingness to endure a lot of wind has a direct impact on whether you’ll bask in the most sun.

I think that many people set out to become a tall tree of sorts. Then somewhere along the way we start catching the wind and the taller we set out to be, the more wind we seem to catch…

Sometimes we become too eager with becoming significant that growing tall gets prioritized over growing deep.

What I mean is, that the ones with the most established roots are the ones that outlast the test of time.

The more influential we want to be, the stronger our character needs to be. That is why I believe the ‘wind’ is so important, it can be seen as the obstacles or the challenges that tests our character. After every new test we should have a clearer perspective on the strength of our inner man, our character.

Those who want to grow in character embraces the timely and untimely obstacles and challenges that life produces.

Even when going deep opposed to growing tall feel like time wasted. It’s about what happens in the unseen that give longevity to what is seen in the end.


I believe that the same can be said about those mountain tops that bask in the sun. From the earliest hours of morning, when the first rays of sunshine creep over the horizon, you’ll see them fall on the peaks of the mountains and hills that surround you. Then when the day is almost over and dusk sets in on the valley, you’ll see those same peaks still basking in the glorious sun.

Yet, if reaching the top of the mountains we set out to climb is the goal to our becoming significant. It would be impossible to accomplish if you’re  unwilling to go through the valley at the foot of the mountain.

Usually there is no view whilst in the valley. Some have predators, some have mosquitoes. Some are just out right  hot and humid! The valleys can become so uncomfortable, that we choose to rather stay out of them. We’d rather be safe and snug in comfort of our own living rooms.

Still, no mountain is conquered, no peak is reached from the comfort of our homes.

Character is formed in those valleys. It is the valleys that strengthen and prepare us for the laborious journey up the steep slopes and dangerous gorges of the mountain.

When trekking though the valley, it may seem mundane, inappropriate and maybe even inopportune. But isn’t it strange that when we reach the mountain top, the pinnacle of significance, the view usually blows our minds….

….even if the view consist of the valleys that now lies far beneath.

Just a thought…


You either stand for something or you’ll fall for anything – unknown

How do we stay upright when things go pear-shaped?

I believe it could be determined by either the evidence pertaining to a set of values, or the lack thereof. I think living upright is impossible if you do not have a set of values to live by.

Think of it as a round of golf. It is almost certainly impossible to play through 18 holes without clubs. (To say the least, extremely difficult.)

So, now you have acquired a set of clubs to take you through life. Yet, somewhere along the line you become frustrated because you thought the clubs will do the trick. Life just doesn’t want to stay in the fairways and seems to always end up in the rough

What am I getting at? 

I am saying this. Even though a set of values are integrally part of an upright lifestyle, those values need to be put into practice. Your clubs will only perform as well as you hit them.

Life, #uprightliving, is about obtaining a set of values that you can apply and live by, come what may. We shouldn’t just be able to name them, but rather know them. You really only know the inner workings of something when you’ve used it, or put it into practice.

Values determine priorities and priorities anchor you down in the face of uncertainty and formidable times.

Okay. So know we’ve obtained values and we’ve actually started to put them in practice. Be careful what you value.

Be careful to value ‘things’ above relationships. It is the things in many cases that cause the devaluation of our friendships and the exponential growth of animosity.



noun, plural an·i·mos·i·ties.

a feeling of strong dislike, ill will

or enmity that tends to display itself in action

Be sure that the values you live by gives you maximum return over the longest period. Happiness is found in the temporal stuff. While joy is found in the stuff that outlasts the temporal and remain the longest.
Our values carry great significance when it causes #uprightliving in our own lives and those it touches.
Just a thought…