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Change the Campus – Change the World

I’m back and so excited!!!

A few weeks ago I embarked on a journey to a far off land in search of greater understanding…a greater sense of enlightenment so to speak.

I was on my way to the Philippines, more precisely, Manila. Every two years Every Nation Campus sets out to host a conference that will encourage the next generation of business, political, educational leaders and entertainment celebrities to embrace God’s call for their lives.

This was the first conference of its kind for me. The first conference solely focused on campus. There were two parts that can accurately describe our time in Manila. The first being the Unashamed Conference 2017 that lasted for three days. The second being the Campus Exposure program that lasted for 8 days.


The Unashamed conference hosted 13000 students from 33 nations. I was blown away by the unshakable conviction and the intensity of the passion with which the conference delegates (mostly students) appreciated the preaching sessions and the times of worship.

It felt like everyone was one, willing and ready to move at the sound of The Call to change their campuses and so doing change the world.

Secondly, the Campus Exposure program. Here we were about 25 delegates from 20 nations, many being nations that are not open to the Gospel. We visited the different campuses and ministered the Gospel to the students by using the the God Test to great effect. This program was designed to show the delegates the nuts and bolts of how Campus ministry looks like. Being part of the Campus Exposure program opened my eyes to reaching our students. Not only the necessity of reaching the next generation but the way in which they cast vision and trust God for the whole nation.


I have returned and my expectations were met. What I have learned and experience will greatly benefit our work here in Kenya.

Thank you to everyone that made it possible for me to go there and attend what has been the best conference yet.

and what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men, who will be able to teach others also.

  • 2 Timothy 2:2

The next generation of faithful and able men and woman will not rise up by themselves. We are called to entrust to them all we’ve heard and experienced. How are you intentionally raising up the next generation world changer?

Blessing and Regards

Joe and his family on a mission


got purpose?

So I thought it would be brave to write about something as illusive as purpose.

My observation is that most people, if not everyone, wants to know why they exist. Why do we go to work? Why do we want to be accomplished? Aren’t these questions directly connected to the foundational one, “Why am I here?”

Something I’ve come to realize is that the best way to answer  the above question, is to change the question. “Why am I here?” should rather be “Who put me here?” That’s what being on earth is all about. Figuring out who is responsible for you being here. In my case it is the triune God of the Bible. So I look to Him to answer me, instruct me and lead me in my reason for being on earth.

It might not seem very revelatory to most, but it is SO satisfying when we understand that most answers we desire lies outside of ourselves.

Pressure gone!

My family and I are happy to rest in the sovereignty of Jesus as He answers, instructs and leads us into the new chapter awaiting us in the nations. He does this through family, friends, leaders and of course His word and Spirit. He continually clarifies our purposes as a family.

Wow! He is able. He lacks nothing. Especially in regard to the wisdom and power that He guides us with.

Seek the Lord and you will find Him!

Since our return to the Boland the Lord has provided over and above our expectation. In such a way that we have reached the 75℅ mark. He is faithful and SO generous! For more detail on what we are still trsuting for before our departure,please visit our Hebrews 11:1 page.

As always. Thank you to everyone that forms part of our BandofBeukes and supports us so faithfully and generously.


Joe and his family on a Mission