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Families Matter

Hello there everyone

Family is SUPER important.

We are often defined, received, celebrated or even rejected by those who form part of this inner circle of people.

Whether it be natural or spiritual family, its hard to imagine life without their input, good or bad, happy or sad.

Very recently we (South Africa) were privileged to host our Every Nation International World Conference. It is held every three years and this year was Cape Town’s turn to set the stage for global fellowship, worship and equipping.

What a BLAST!!! It was really thrilling and extremely encouraging to experience our spiritual family in a world-wide context. I had the privilege of personally hosting one of our international leaders and what a blessing that was. We met some great leaders from across the world and learned even more from them. Here are two links to all the sermons of the main sessions.

EN2016 sermons recap and Opening Night

I realised that the best way to meet new people and get to know them is through serving them.

On a more regional level. During our stay in Bloemfontein, we were fortunate enough to also meet so many new people who we now call spiritual family. Our time there from June to September would probably be best described as a family reunion, even though we didn’t know much about each other beforehand.

Have you ever visited far off relatives and realised that you actually have SO much in common? Well, I had such an experience with our local congregation in the City of Roses.

Check out Every Nation Bloemfontein for more information concerning this lovely congregation.

As for my household, well, we’ve also discovered new avenues of family life. It has been one great journey of discovery, living in 7 different houses in the last couple of months. A friend of mine recently gave me some great insight concerning our current household rhythm.

“Maybe you should be aware and sensitive to all the diverse input that comes from every different family that has opened up their home to you.”


This gave Marli and I such wonderful perspective and we could recall all the wonderful times of impartation and input we received up until that point. It also made us realise that we should be on the look out to acknowledge when those moments re-occur. Every house that has been offered to us for accommodation was the home of a spectacular family. WOW! What an amazing privilege to have had so many great and meaningful conversations, meals and coffees.

We are all impacted greatly by those we appreciate, accommodate and acknowledge as the core group of people we do life with. Family.

It has been quite a while since my last pensive proposition. I trust that this one has found you well.

Thank you again to everyone that has been partnering with us in every way. Especially those of you who have opened your homes to us during the last couple of months.

Joe and his family, on a mission.


A day on Mercury

Hello There Family and Friends

Our time here in Bloemfontein could, to some extent, be likened to one day on Mercury. Nope, not because Mercury is the smallest of all the planets or that Mercury is named after the Roman deity, the messenger to the gods.

Rather that one day on Mercury is equal to approximately 59 days on earth. Which got me thinking what we could accomplish on Mercury, because in Bloem it has truly been 59 days of effective ministry, joyful serving, interesting family dynamics and memorable times with newly made friends.  

We have been thoroughly enriched by the people’s kindness in hosting us and their passion to make Jesus known in Bloemfontein and even the nations they reach out to on a yearly basis.

If we could have 59 days on Mercury like we’ve had in Bloem, I’m sure Mercury would be made inhabitable in no time….

We look forward to continue partnering with and serving the city of Bloemfontein in the next couple of weeks, until our return to Paarl.

We appreciate every prayer and every financial seed that has been sown into our ministry in order for us to be effective ministers of God’s love.

Kind Regards and Many Blessings

Joe (…and his family) on a Mission!!!

When God Calls You Out

Good morning

I trust that all is well and that the purposes of God is being fulfilled in and through your lives. Talking about God’s purposes, I have some very interesting and exciting news.

My family and I am assisting the Every Nation Bloemfontein church for the next three months, starting in June. Pieter Coffee and his wife has taken a well deserved Sabbatical to rest well and enjoy a time of adventure and scenic beauty (..so it seems when I look at their Facebook posts ;->…) So, to my family and I, it is a wonderful privilege to be able to serve in this way. We have become part of the staff and also function on the elder team.

….further more…..??!!!

Marli and I have received the call to become part of our church plant mission in Nairobi, Kenya.

If you can recall, my family and I were on a short term mission to Every Nation Nairobi about 3 months ago.

After returning to South Africa, Marli and I started seeking the Lord’s will for us and Kenya more fervently. As we prayed and conversed about what we felt the Lord was showing us it became clear that there is a definite call to spend our lives in Kenya. We are setting out initially for two years and afterwards the idea would be to reconsider with the Lord what our next steps will be.

So here we are at the brink of a whole new African adventure. The purpose? To see God’s Kingdom come in East Africa as it is in Heaven.


We are trusting the Lord to grow our monthly income as it will be much more expensive to live in Nairobi. Please trust with us, pray with us and for any further information contact us concerning these new and exciting times.

THANK YOU once again for your faithful support in every way!

Love, Grace and Regards

Joe & Family on a mission!