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Going Going Gone!

Good morning family and friends

We trust that you had a wonderful festive season, filled with love, kindness and the presence of Jesus Christ.

When you think about it, everything revolves around this name. Jesus Christ. What is our response to the name of Jesus Christ? To us it means that everything and everyone finds its purpose in Him. That is why we as a family are on our way to Kenya.

In approximately 18 days we will be boarding on our Ethiopian Airways flight en route to Nairobi. The vision?

To make disciples, raise leaders and plant churches.

Churches that can do the same until East Africa, then the rest of Africa and the nations will know and please God. We see a sending hub that is established to equip and empower many local East Africans to go into the harvest.

The challenge?


Yup, you’ve guested it. We have been busy raising funds to be able to make a living in Nairobi. Seeing that it is about twice as expensive to live there as opposed to South Africa, we have been trusting the Lord to add to our existing finances.

Currently we have reached 50% of that goal. Yet, through a lot of prayer and Godly counsel, we are still determined to set off on the next phase of our Beukes journey. We are therefore still in need of more wonderful men and woman, like yourselves, who are passionate about the Gospel and its Gift to the nations.

In light of our challenge we would like to launch our BandofBeukes page. This is a page designed to encourage you to give other people an opportunity to become part of our vision. Please visit our BandofBeukes page and refer friends, family and even colleagues that might want to partner with us. Or otherwise, we would greatly appreciate it if you could contact us concerning someone you might feel can potentially become part of the vision in this regard.

Click here to visit BandofBeukes

Thank you for being invested in this apostolic vision to reach the nations. Your passion and steadfast support in every regard enables us to respond to the call to go and be a light of salvation to the ends of the earth.

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Grace for 2017 and much regards

Joe and his family on a Mission






When God Calls You Out

Good morning

I trust that all is well and that the purposes of God is being fulfilled in and through your lives. Talking about God’s purposes, I have some very interesting and exciting news.

My family and I am assisting the Every Nation Bloemfontein church for the next three months, starting in June. Pieter Coffee and his wife has taken a well deserved Sabbatical to rest well and enjoy a time of adventure and scenic beauty (..so it seems when I look at their Facebook posts ;->…) So, to my family and I, it is a wonderful privilege to be able to serve in this way. We have become part of the staff and also function on the elder team.

….further more…..??!!!

Marli and I have received the call to become part of our church plant mission in Nairobi, Kenya.

If you can recall, my family and I were on a short term mission to Every Nation Nairobi about 3 months ago.

After returning to South Africa, Marli and I started seeking the Lord’s will for us and Kenya more fervently. As we prayed and conversed about what we felt the Lord was showing us it became clear that there is a definite call to spend our lives in Kenya. We are setting out initially for two years and afterwards the idea would be to reconsider with the Lord what our next steps will be.

So here we are at the brink of a whole new African adventure. The purpose? To see God’s Kingdom come in East Africa as it is in Heaven.


We are trusting the Lord to grow our monthly income as it will be much more expensive to live in Nairobi. Please trust with us, pray with us and for any further information contact us concerning these new and exciting times.

THANK YOU once again for your faithful support in every way!

Love, Grace and Regards

Joe & Family on a mission!



Proximity = Priority

Hello Everyone

It has been a week and a half since my family and I got our passports stamped at Kenya’s immigration authorities.

We have been living with die Spies family and it has been such a special experience. They have received us with joy and served us with their prayers, generosity and friendship.

We have quickly become part of the local community and I was very surprise at the kindness and genuineness of the families that we met.

We have also had great opportunities to minister to the students that forms part of the Discovery Groups that meet every week. Yesterday I had the privilege of facilitating the meeting. There was prayer and we sang our praises to the Lord. Then we dived into the Word, each having to discover what the Lord wants to communicate to us as a local spiritual family. It was thrilling. We ended of the meeting considering how we would apply what we have learned during the next week.

I am so excited to be here in Nairobi and see what the Lord is busy establishing for His glory.

Lastly and definitely not the least. As we are praying together in the mornings we experience that the Lord is inviting us to pursue Him in a greater measure, with great intensity. The fruit. Well the fruit has been ‘priority’.  What do I mean?

“The greater our proximity, the clearer becomes our priority. The clearer our priority, the greater our proximity.”

Please continue to pray and engage with us whilst our stay in Kenya. This coming weekend we will be hosting a Victory weekend. The goal is to establish people in freedom and victory. We trust for the Lord to touch and minister deeply in every heart.

Thank you for you continued support.

Joe on a mission

Kenya outreach 2015 underway!

Prayer points and Information on Kenya

Hello everyone!!

For the month of November we as Every Nation Southern Africa has placed Kenya on center stage.

Kenya, geographically and strategically falls right in the middle of our Africa Dream to plant churches with campus ministries in every country on the East coast of Africa.

I am currently part of the second team to come and ENGAGE the campus in Nairobi and the surrounding communities with the Gospel.

Our hope is to lead many to come to know Christ and become part of a discipleship relationship by the end of our efforts in November.

Please pray for grace and favour as we reach out and trust God for something Wonderful to happen!!!

Watch the space!!

Please feel free to click on the link below the image for further information and prayer point concerning Kenya.

Peace and Joy
Joe on a mission