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Hello there Band of Beukes

(and anyone else that might read this in the future)

Yup, we’re taking a breath.

Let me clarify the kind of breath I am talking about. You know the kind of breath a swimmer takes while he/she is gliding through the water in an attempt to set up the new world record?

Well that’s not the kind of breath I am talking about. The one I am referring to is the one that precedes a deep sigh of satisfaction. Maybe you have one when you arrived back home after a productive day at work. Or after you just put the kids to bed and know you have what is left of the night, for yourself (that’s us).

Our local congregation has a policy to bless its staff with a sabbatical for every seven years spent in ministry. Mine has arrived and I am breathing in the fresh air of resting, waiting and preparation. Our family is on extended leave until mid-January isn’t that tremendous!

Let me elaborate on the ‘resting, waiting and preparation’ part.


This is the most important part. These three months are meant to taper down on ministry activities to the extent that the only ministry that is really left, happens between yourself and God.


While we are resting, we are waiting.  Actively waiting.  Not lethargic or impassively. Waiting, seeking and readying ourselves to receive a renewed vision and action plan for the next seven years. This is the most satisfying part. It’s all about lingering with anticipation in God’s presence and becoming attentive to what He is dreaming of and desiring you to accomplish and become.

What an exciting time to be in!!!


Picture a gun, or a coffee machine for that matter. Both needs some preparation for it to produce the BANG, the moment of GLORY when you sip and taste that it is good, pleasing and perfect. That’s probably the most strategic part of our furlough.  God is equipping us and stretching back the elastic so that when the launch codes have been set to fire, we’ll be off flying, propelled, going further than ever before.

Have you been inspired to rest, wait and let God prepare you for the next season of your life?

I trust that you’ll be blessed with enough time and the ability to prioritise well, to regularly give yourself to the things mentioned above.

Blessings and Regards

Joe & his family on a mission


A Light Bulb at Sea

When I look around, I see.

I realise that we are all on our own unique journey, yet our individual journeys cannot exist without being connected to the journeys of others. This inherently means that I am dependent on the people around me and even those people that are not directly involved in my life.

This thought also means that someone is dependent on my life’s journey. Someone who I might be unaware of.

“In what way?” you may ask.

If my life were to shine like the light bulb hanging from my ceiling it would mean that someone might just be able to navigate using my life as a source of light whilst on their own journey. It may also come to pass that I might have the privilege to sit in someone else’s light and better define my own life’s calling.

What if my life could be like the sea, embracing people as the ocean does the casual bather, even the occasional surfer. Imagine the healing that our lives could bring to one another just because of the essence of who we are. Have you ever seen what salt water does to a wound? It doesn’t choose to heal, healing comes by default.

“One’s life only really finds meaning when you spend it on others.”

Just a thought….