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I recently was confronted then convicted and now comforted.

The difference between impersonating Christ and becoming the personification (image) of Christ was laid at my feet. Am I just pretending to be someone or am I really becoming someone?

Like the definition shows above, the reason for pretending is either for entertainment or fraudulent purposes. Let’s just take a quick look at pretending for the sake of entertainment or fraud.

Pretending, in the first place is the personal acknowledgement that I am not really the person I am perceiving to be. It is a falsehood. Pretending for the sake of entertainment then refers to my desire to either please people or provide some means where I am valued and feel significant.

Pretending for the sake of committing fraud points to a lack of character and the presence of selfishness that will find any means necessary to get what it wants. 

Both these reasons for impersonation in this regard are bankrupt and God did not pay the ultimate price for us to give ourselves to it.

NO! He has called us with a much greater calling. A much richer destiny. He has given us the opportunity to take on the new self, the selfless self, made in His image. By His Spirit we become like Him from glory to glory. That is His will for us in Christ.

Let us throw off every remnant of the old self, the selfish self. The self that pretends to be new but really is not.

In the last couple of months here in Nairobi I have come to see over and over again that the new self that is founded in Christ will bring glory to Christ. The new self (Eph 4:24) will not only honor God with it’s mouth, but walk in a manner that confirms those words.

The new self should portray the exact personification or image of Christ in us. Let’s continue making disciples, raising leaders and planting churches like Jesus did.

Many blessings and regards

Joe and his family on a mission