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Families Matter

Hello there everyone

Family is SUPER important.

We are often defined, received, celebrated or even rejected by those who form part of this inner circle of people.

Whether it be natural or spiritual family, its hard to imagine life without their input, good or bad, happy or sad.

Very recently we (South Africa) were privileged to host our Every Nation International World Conference. It is held every three years and this year was Cape Town’s turn to set the stage for global fellowship, worship and equipping.

What a BLAST!!! It was really thrilling and extremely encouraging to experience our spiritual family in a world-wide context. I had the privilege of personally hosting one of our international leaders and what a blessing that was. We met some great leaders from across the world and learned even more from them. Here are two links to all the sermons of the main sessions.

EN2016 sermons recap and Opening Night

I realised that the best way to meet new people and get to know them is through serving them.

On a more regional level. During our stay in Bloemfontein, we were fortunate enough to also meet so many new people who we now call spiritual family. Our time there from June to September would probably be best described as a family reunion, even though we didn’t know much about each other beforehand.

Have you ever visited far off relatives and realised that you actually have SO much in common? Well, I had such an experience with our local congregation in the City of Roses.

Check out Every Nation Bloemfontein for more information concerning this lovely congregation.

As for my household, well, we’ve also discovered new avenues of family life. It has been one great journey of discovery, living in 7 different houses in the last couple of months. A friend of mine recently gave me some great insight concerning our current household rhythm.

“Maybe you should be aware and sensitive to all the diverse input that comes from every different family that has opened up their home to you.”


This gave Marli and I such wonderful perspective and we could recall all the wonderful times of impartation and input we received up until that point. It also made us realise that we should be on the look out to acknowledge when those moments re-occur. Every house that has been offered to us for accommodation was the home of a spectacular family. WOW! What an amazing privilege to have had so many great and meaningful conversations, meals and coffees.

We are all impacted greatly by those we appreciate, accommodate and acknowledge as the core group of people we do life with. Family.

It has been quite a while since my last pensive proposition. I trust that this one has found you well.

Thank you again to everyone that has been partnering with us in every way. Especially those of you who have opened your homes to us during the last couple of months.

Joe and his family, on a mission.


Beautiful feet

Greetings to everyone

Tonight is the last evening before we return to South Africa. What can I say? It has been an absolute game changer of a visit to the Spies family along with the outreach to Kahawa.
We have built strong lasting relationships and I am very thankful to have met the wonderful young men and woman that forms part of the spiritual family of Every Nation Kenya. We had the privilege to help facilitate a Victory Weekend this passing weekend. WOW!

“When the Son sets you free, you are free indeed.”

I was thrilled by the change we as facilitators could see as we progressed through the weekend. The Holy Spirit ministered with revelation, understanding and insight. The result. People were set free. Some were baptized in water and others were baptized with the Holy Spirit. Glorious!!

“There is nothing more spectacular to witness the effect of the Gospel, when it is received, appreciated and celebrated.”

We have grown close to the leaders that currently spearhead the church plant. Two couples specifically. De Wet and Miemie, who you’ve come to meet through my blog posts (AKA the Spies family). Then there is Martin and Rahab. We spent the weekend at their home and it was an immense blessing! These couples are sold out to the wonderful adventure of what God is busy doing in Kenya…and even East Africa as a whole. Marli and I find ourselves being invigorated and inspired by their faith and faithfulness.

Our stay here in Kenya these last couple of weeks can be described as refreshing, imparting and nothing short of spectacular.

Thank you for everyone that has been praying and supporting us in being here and pursuing what God has in mind for us and Kenya.

Kwaheri na Mungu awabariki
Joe on a Mission

It’s About Who You Know…

Many people seem to think that we are moulded by our surroundings, circumstances or opportunities (..and the lack thereof)

To a certain extent I agree with those observations, but I would argue that these are only the tip of the ice berg.

We are formed either through relationships or the lack thereof.

Think about it.

Circumstances alone can only accomplish so much, but a friend or foe within those circumstances usually cause us to act or react in a certain way. I mean, it is probably the relationship (friend or foe) that caused the situation in the first place.

The way in which we act, react or remain passively disengaged can tell us a great deal about the way we have been etched.

I would reason that life and all its ups and downs only set the stage for us to be shaped concerning our motives, values and beliefs. Yet, it is the people that share that stage with us, or their absence that puts the hammer to the chisel.

Who do you spend your time with?

Statistics show that we become like the five people we spend the most time with…

I’ve come to know someone that can’t be formed, but initiates it all the time. (how I came to know him is a discussion for another day)

Still, He is probably the person I spend the most time with out of the five that influences my becoming most.

Our relationships can either define or undermine us.

We are scalped by those who are actively present in our lives and even by those who are not.

Just a thought…





You either stand for something or you’ll fall for anything – unknown

How do we stay upright when things go pear-shaped?

I believe it could be determined by either the evidence pertaining to a set of values, or the lack thereof. I think living upright is impossible if you do not have a set of values to live by.

Think of it as a round of golf. It is almost certainly impossible to play through 18 holes without clubs. (To say the least, extremely difficult.)

So, now you have acquired a set of clubs to take you through life. Yet, somewhere along the line you become frustrated because you thought the clubs will do the trick. Life just doesn’t want to stay in the fairways and seems to always end up in the rough

What am I getting at? 

I am saying this. Even though a set of values are integrally part of an upright lifestyle, those values need to be put into practice. Your clubs will only perform as well as you hit them.

Life, #uprightliving, is about obtaining a set of values that you can apply and live by, come what may. We shouldn’t just be able to name them, but rather know them. You really only know the inner workings of something when you’ve used it, or put it into practice.

Values determine priorities and priorities anchor you down in the face of uncertainty and formidable times.

Okay. So know we’ve obtained values and we’ve actually started to put them in practice. Be careful what you value.

Be careful to value ‘things’ above relationships. It is the things in many cases that cause the devaluation of our friendships and the exponential growth of animosity.



noun, plural an·i·mos·i·ties.

a feeling of strong dislike, ill will

or enmity that tends to display itself in action

Be sure that the values you live by gives you maximum return over the longest period. Happiness is found in the temporal stuff. While joy is found in the stuff that outlasts the temporal and remain the longest.
Our values carry great significance when it causes #uprightliving in our own lives and those it touches.
Just a thought…