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A Light Bulb at Sea

When I look around, I see.

I realise that we are all on our own unique journey, yet our individual journeys cannot exist without being connected to the journeys of others. This inherently means that I am dependent on the people around me and even those people that are not directly involved in my life.

This thought also means that someone is dependent on my life’s journey. Someone who I might be unaware of.

“In what way?” you may ask.

If my life were to shine like the light bulb hanging from my ceiling it would mean that someone might just be able to navigate using my life as a source of light whilst on their own journey. It may also come to pass that I might have the privilege to sit in someone else’s light and better define my own life’s calling.

What if my life could be like the sea, embracing people as the ocean does the casual bather, even the occasional surfer. Imagine the healing that our lives could bring to one another just because of the essence of who we are. Have you ever seen what salt water does to a wound? It doesn’t choose to heal, healing comes by default.

“One’s life only really finds meaning when you spend it on others.”

Just a thought….