The Mission

Honour God, further His Kingdom

I present Floyd McClung’s writings on ‘Apostolic Passion’ as my life’s pursuit.

If you have apostolic passion, you are one of the most dangerous people on the planet. The world no longer rules your heart. You are no longer seduced by getting and gaining but devoted to spreading and proclaiming the glory of God in the nations. You live as a pilgrim, unattached to the cares of this world. You are not afraid of loss. You even dare to believe you may be given the privilege of dying to spread His fame on the earth. The Father’s passions have become your passions. You find your satisfaction and significance in Him. You believe He is with you always, to the end of life itself. You are sold out to God, and you live for the Lamb. Satan fears you, and the angels applaud you. Your greatest dream is that His name will be praised in languages never before heard in heaven. Your reward it the look of pure delight you anticipate seeing in His eyes when you lay at His feet, and the just reward of His suffering: the worship of the redeemed.

You have apostolic passion.

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